Arts & Culture Complex

A map of art spaces  that have closed in the past few years

A map of art spaces that have closed in the past few years

With rising real estate costs across the Bay Area, performing art spaces are closing left and right. The lack of space is constraining the development of our thriving arts scene. Other non-profit art spaces are in demand, and the cost to do a rehearsal just a rehearsal can cost $1,200 a day.* Bindlestiff is the only space dedicated to Filipino arts, but can only hold 80 people seated at once, limiting the size and scope of our performances.

We envision creating a mid-size arts and culture complex that can hold ~300 people that is equipped to hold a variety of performances so we can scale up our productions in a sustainable way. A stage for music, dance, film, and theater along with space for rehearsals.

The complex will also have a gallery space to showcase the visual arts with rotating shows periodically. We also want to create media production facilities for video  and other makers to help nurture our creative economy.

Adjacent to the complex we envision a cafe serving Filipino Food to the public to bring it full circle with the culinary arts.

Our new arts & culture complex would be open to non-Filipino productions to help ease the lack of art spaces for the city in general.

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