Plinth Agency

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Plinth is an agency made of artists, entrepreneurs, and strategists with the power to grow business and make dreams come true.

Comprised of 3 lifelong friends with a passion for creativity and community, Plinth wields the powers of branding, design, and strategy to craft engaging brands and marketing campaigns.

As an agency, they've built brands, created websites, and crafted marketing campaigns for a wide range of companies from restaurants to non-profit organizations.

They are the creative team behind the concept, branding, marketing, and web design behind Kultivate Lab's UNDISCOVERED SF: Creative Night Market as well as the web designers of this Soma Pilipinas website.


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Managing Director / Brand Strategist / Alchemist 

Desi is at the core of the Plinth team.  

Desi is a serial entrepreneur.  He has 15+ years of experience creating, funding, and branding unique business concepts that span the food, music, technology spaces. Desi now uses his wide breadth of experience to help people grow their businesses and live their dreams.

His ability to develop ground breaking concepts and unique brand experiences in the online and offline world is much sought after and well documented. Desi pours his entrepreneurial heart, creative spirit, and business mind into every one of our clients.

In his free time he can be found co-parenting his dog Sumi and leading the charge to explore what the night has to offer...



Creative Director / Artist / Backyard Gourmand   

Andre has a passion for curiosity, discovery, and fun. He excels in solving problems through thoughtful design and creative strategy.  Andre brings 15+ years of professional design experience creating work for clients like Target, Old Navy and the McCANN Worldgroup. 

Andre brings that rare blend of artistry and business savvy to the Plinth team.  He is believes every creative decision, every design is built to move a brand forward.

When he's not working, he enjoys eating and making good food with friends, creating digital tools for artists and designers. He’s also known for having legendary living room dance parties with his wife and son.

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Brand Strategist / Copywriter / Hypnotist

Marco is our resident wordsmith and brand nerd.  He brings 10+ years of experience being part of entrepreneurial projects in various marketing roles.  He believes that every word and every experience builds or detracts from a brand.  He is the person we go to create an anthem or cast a spell.

Marco has used his creative problem solving skills in industries including food, hospitality, and event production.

Marco has a knack for uncovering truths about brands and communicating them to the world. 

In his free time, he nerds out on youtube dance crew videos and explores random hobbies.  When not working, he’s probably still hanging out with Andre and Desi.