Luisa Antonio

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Luisa Antonio’s work in the SOMA covers a variety of fields from youth outreach to education and activism. As a college student, she got her start interning at West Bay’s Pilipino Early Intervention Project (P.I.P.), a program geared towards tobacco use prevention and early employment for at-risk teens. Once a volunteer at the original Barrio Fiesta celebrations hosted by Al Robles, Luísa has been instrumental in reviving Barrio Fiesta for today’s community and expanding its reach to involve not only the Filipino community, but all who call the SOMA their home.

Luisa’s work is also defined by educating the public on the contributions of Filipino war veterans, culminating in a successful campaign for official recognition of their efforts with the Congressional Medal of Honor. Currently she is the Executive Director of the Bayanihan  Equity Center, formerly known as the Veterans Equity Center, and continues to work for seniors and youths by advocating for legislation that will promote the welfare and safety of all within the community.

(Words by Cat Jimenez)

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