SOMA Pilipinas is A celebration of where we come from,
and where WE ARE going.

Our Cultural Heritage District is a product of its people, who are resilient, creative, and determined.
We live, work, play and gather here as a community. 

SOMA Pilipinas is a movement that is anchored in the neighborhood, our history and our people.
It is a place that connects the broader community to our narrative and stories as Filipinos in America.  It is a living culture — a community that's conscious of history, yet embraces progress,
working together to move forward in unity and vision.

Through extensive community input, we have developed a series of plans
to build-out our Cultural Heritage District in the coming years. 


Current Plans



SOMA Pilipinas Resolution

The official resolution voted on unanimously  by the Board of Supervisors that created the cultural district. 

Progress Report

A report developed by San Francisco's Planning Department & the SOMA Pilipinas Cultural District.

Design Charrette

Urban design concepts  developed by residents, designers, and community stakeholders.