Raquel Redondiez

Raquel has been organizing in the SOMA community for the last 20 years. From 1997-2000, she organized hotel workers at the Marriot and W Hotel in the heart of SOMA.  During the dot-com boom of the late 90’s, she helped lead a community campaign to protect small Filipino owned business that were being displaced by the dot-com offices.  From 2001-2008, serving as a legislative aide for District 6 Supervisor Chris Daly, she worked closely with the community to achieve victories such as the rebuilding of Bessie Carmichael Elementary School, the creation of Victoria Manalo Draves Park, and crafting the landmark $52 million SOMA Stabilization Fund. 

Raquel is also one of the founder of the Filipino Community Center in the Excelsior, the largest Filipino agency in San Francisco providing organizing, advocacy, services for immigrants, workers, youth and families.   She brings over 20 years of organizing, community development, and policy-making skills and experience to lead the development of our Filipino Cultural Heritage District. 


Rachel Lastimosa
Arts & Culture

A musician, composer, producer and performer contributing to the Bay Area music scene since 2000, Rachel is a San Diego native who has toured nationally and internationally.  Theater works include: Campo Santos’ Tree City Legends, directed by Marc Bamuthi Joseph; Holy Crime, directed by Sean San José and ACT’s Mark Rucker; and scored for Kularts’ Incarcerated 6x9, directed by Alleluia Panis. 

For Rachel, community organizing with SOMA Pilipinas is a way to address the effects of Filipino diaspora. She also works to defend indigenous peoples' rights in the Philippines as an organizer with Salupongan International.


Paul bArrera

Paul grew up in the East Bay Filipino community in Union City, and first joined SOMA Pilipinas as a volunteer in April 2017. A writer with a background in both tech and education, Paul believes in creating content and communications that respect people and emphasize the importance of relationships.

When he’s not roving the streets of SOMA Pilipinas, interfacing with the various neighborhood organizations and constituents, he can be found surfing The Zoo, Pacheco, or VFW at Ocean Beach.



Tet Naval, fondly known as “Ate Tet” is the community organizer for SOMA Pilipinas.  She has been active in the Filipino community since 2012 helping Filipino residents and workers finding housing and employment.

In 2013, she volunteered at Galing Bata and later was hired on staff as an after-school teacher specializing in teaching students Filipino.  Tet has also active volunteering in various community activities and organizations.    In 2018, she joined the SOMA Pilipinas staff as Community Outreach Coordinator. She also continues to teach Filipino to students at Bessie Carmichael.