Commercial Corridor


When you compare SOMA Pilipinas to other cultural districts like Chinatown, Japantown, or even Little Saigon one of the things missing is a thriving commercial corridor of businesses from the community. A commercial corridor acts as demarcator of where the district begins and ends and most importantly a platform that gathers the community and sparks economic opportunity.

To build a thriving business center, SOMA Pilipinas has developed a multi-prong strategy to attract and incubate vibrant and resilient Filipino owned businesses. Our first step was to partner with Kultivate Labs to produce UNDISCOVERED SF, to identify emerging Filipino owned businesses and provide them with technical assistance to beef up their business operations and accelerate their growth.

Our 2nd step, is to invite the best UNDISCOVERED SF vendors to our up coming pop-up to permanent retail incubator and pop-up restaurant series to prepare them for long-term opportunities in the cultural district.

Lastly we will partner with landlords, real estate developers, and other stakeholders to place them strategically along the Mission St. btwn 4th and 11th to build out first corridor by 2020. Then in 2025, we aim to build our second cluster of businesses near the new Central SOMA Park area.

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