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A Tale of two Cities

While our Cultural District is experiencing rapid economic growth, the SOMA is also the epicenter of the Tech 2.0 boom, including countless start-up Unicorns. The City is spending billions on public transportation improvements and street-scaping; large swaths of land are targeted for up-zoning and real estate re-development. This perfect storm has also led to rapid gentrification, the loss of 50% of the Filipino population in the last decade, the displacement of families & artists, and a growing homelessness problem.

To be sure, our cultural district faces major challenges. But we've devised a set of strategies to address them head-on.

Housing Advocacy.jpg

Housing Advocacy


Whenever a new development declares intent to open within our borders,
we push for the the maximum amount of affordable housing, with the broadest AMI (Average Median Income) range, protecting the longtime working class residents and multi-generational families that have populated our Cultural District for decades. 

And when our long-term residents face displacement through no-fault evictions, we fight tooth and nail to protect them.

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Civic Policy


SOMA Pilipinas engages directly with civic leaders and city agencies to shape legislations and policies that will help our Cultural District thrive. We advocate for resources and coordinate with other like-minded organizations to ensure that San Francisco remains a city that welcomes immigrants, families, seniors, and artists, and strives for social and economic justice.

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Community Development

We believe that non-profits, residents, businesses, and the arts are interconnected.

We develop and execute strategies to stabilize our community economically. We explore ways to grow the organizational capacity of our non-profits so that they can continue to take on the ever-changing issues that confront our people.

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Urban Design

The size of our district is a blessing and a curse. Our sheer in an area zoned for redevelopment gives us a unique opportunity to more with developers, the city,  and other community stakeholders to reshape our district. We can work with the city to redesign our cross-walks to have cultural motifs, landlords to apply beautiful murals on bland walls, and inspire architects to utilize cultural motifs ... the possibilies are endless.

We were recently awarded a prestigious National Endowment for the Arts grants to conduct a series of design charrettes so we can begin to reimagine our distirct and develop a series of designs to implement.

Economic Dev.jpg

Economic Development

One of our biggest challenges is our lack of a commercial corridor to act as a place-maker and and a platform to develop wealth in the community. We've developed a strategy to address this by 2020 by attracting new businesses, accelerating their growth, while stabilizing our legacy businesses.

We are also exploring new growth industries to place our community in high wage jobs to address the income inequality that is the fundemental driver of displacement.