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KSW and Arc Gallery and Studios Present: "From My Body" and "Riso-Chromatic" Opening Reception

KSW and Arc Gallery & Studios will be holding a joint opening reception for two exciting new exhibitions that will be opening in the gallery. This will also serve as KSW's annual Holiday Re/mix (reunion/mixer), a chance for us to honor our volunteers and celebrate another year of KSW programming! Special guest performer TBA.

FROM MY BODY (main gallery)

Curated by Francis Calimlim & Dara Katrina Del Rosario

From My Body is a multidisciplinary exhibition that showcases the multiple releases of bodies’
subjectivities that describe the navigation, resistance and dialogue with external forces that counter
each of these artists’ lived experiences. The structures of power that impact the stories and memories
we experience and inherit are put in conversation with the what can be passed on to following
generations. Beyond simply affect, activation must be inspired in order to move toward revolutionary
futurity - the belief that in order for social transformation occur, we must first transcend the self.
Educator and philosopher Paulo Freire used Revolutionary Futurity to express the threat of immobility
while addressing the importance learning from the past to inform the ways to build our future. As artists
living in a political climate that continues to be hostile and violent to historically oppressed communities
and bodies, how do we use our creative practices to move toward social transformation?

Exhibiting Artists:

Kimberly Acebo Arteche -

Kelvin Burzon -

Nathaniel DeVivo -

Sophia Schultz Rocha -

Tosha Stimage -

RISO-CHROMATIC (project gallery)

Risograph printing is a relatively new and obscure printing technique that is growing in popularity amongst artists. The "RISO-CHROMATIC" exhibition showcases several Bay Area printmakers exhibiting all of the possibilities that a risograph printer can produce. Learn more about the process and shop for affordable prints that would make perfect gifts this holiday season.

FEATURED ARTISTS: Anjelica Colliard, Sanaa Khan, Evka Whaley-Mayda, Maren Preston, Tamiko Sidore, Max Stadnik, and Lucy Stark