Cauliflower Rice Arroz Caldo by Denise R. of WORD ON THE STREET

Cauliflower Rice Arroz Caldo

Cauliflower Rice Arroz Caldo

“One of our favorite recipes that we have created at WOTS Catering (Word on the Street) was recently shared at a Mindful Eating workshop at Bayanihan Center for FMHI (Filipino Mental Health Initiative).  We originally created this recipe, in order to help one of our lolas who is currently diabetic and has high blood pressure.  She was so pleased to find all the flavors she expected were there, despite the dish not having its traditional chicken (we use young langka) nor rice (we use cauliflower rice)! Many of the ingredients in this dish helped our lola battle her medical conditions, without sacrificing the enticing aromas and flavors of our culture.  We hope you enjoy the recipe as much as our lola and we do, from our kapamilya to yours!

WOTS Catering (Word on the Street) is a Filipinx-American catering company based in San Francisco. Our goal is to put a culinary twist on traditional Filipinx food and show its adaptability that then invokes nostalgia for those already familiar with Filipinx cuisine and also draws in newcomers with our unique offerings. Because our food is not strictly traditional, we aim to reach a wide range of customers, including those with certain dietary restrictions, but don't want to sacrifice good flavors through our Meal Prep menu!

In a time where most information is shared via social networking and digital media (which is awesome because that's how you're reading this right now!) we also value personal connections. Starting with our friends and family, we hope to bring back that type of real connection through "word of mouth," eventually rippling out into our community and yes, out in "the street," centered around our food.”

- Denise R.

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Bindlestiff Recipe - Cauli Rice Arroz Caldo.jpg
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