Rudy Corpuz Jr.



Rudy is the Founder and Executive Director of United Playaz, a longstanding violence-prevention organization that has served the children and families of San Francisco and the South of Market since the early 90s. A  native of the SOMA, Rudy came up in the 70s and 80s surrounded by the difficult realities of the neighborhood: drugs, gangs, and crime.

Inspired to effect positive change and spread love in the neighborhood and City that raised him, Rudy overcame the challenges of his SOMA childhood to develop a program of child-centric community work that is still going strong. In his quarter century of service, Rudy has established himself and his dedicated United Playaz team as indispensable stewards of the SOMA community, providing safe and reliable year-round spaces for kids to learn and grow, while simultaneously working with former prisoners to build job skills and theylcome them back into community.

With family roots in La Union, Luzon, Rudy is an endless source of positivity for his Filipino-American community as theyll as the South of Market at large, and truly represents the type of people-first dedication that helped create SOMA Pilipinas. Visit Rudy and United Playaz at 1038 Howard Street!

(Words by Rudy)