Galing Bata


The history of the Galing Bata Bilingual Program originates from the Filipino Education Center (FEC).

The FEC is originally a newcomer center that was established in the mid 1970's to help meet the academic, social, and emotional needs of newly arrived immigrant children as they adjust to their new environment.  For the past four decades, the FEC has served not only newcomer children but also U.S. born children and families interested in bilingual education.  Currently, the FEC Galing Bata is an after school program of the Bessie Carmichael/Filipino Education Center School.  For the last 15 years Galing Bata continues to promote literacy development in English and Filipino, multicultural education, and a strong school, family, and community collaboration. The program is provided at both the Bessie Carmichael Elementary Campus on 7th Street and at the Bessie Carmichael Middle School FEC Campus on Harrison Street.  These schools are the only SF public schools located in South of Market.