San Francisco's Flipino Cultural District


SOMA Pilipinas is currently devising plans and strategies to build San Francisco's first Filipino Cultural District. Here's our key milestones for 2016.

The working group is comprised of 7 members

The working groups are tasked to form working committees that will solicit, survey, and brainstorm with the community in their respective spheres.

Business & Economic Development
Desi Danganan
Serial Entrepreneur - Plinth Agency

Arts & Culture
Weston Teruy 

Housing & Land Us  
Angelica Cabande
Social Justice Advocate - SOMCAN

Children, Youth, Families
Charm Consolacion
Program Coordinator - Galing Bata

Seniors & Tenants
Caroline Calderon
 Outreach Worker - Veterans Equity Center

Rupert Estanislao
Artist / Activist

Historical Preservation
M.C. Canlas
Historian / Academic

Project Manager and Goverment Liasion
Ada Chan
Longtime Community Development  Advocate


The Working Committees will produce draft strategies to build the cultural district and will present it to SOMA Pilipina's members--a body community stakeholders to approve as a community strategy.

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