San Francisco's Flipino Cultural District

San Francisco's
Newest Cultural District

In April of 2016, the Board of Supervisors unanimously passed legislation zoning out a large swath of land in San Francisco's red hot SOMA (South of Market) area. From 2nd St. on the east, to 11th St. on the west and going down from Market St. to Brannan, SOMA Pilipinas encompasses a wide variety of buildings, parks, and community services group that have served the Filipino community for decades.

Purpose of SOMA Pilipinas

Cultural Celebration

The formation of a cultural district will increase the visibility and celebrate the contributions of the Filipino c ommunity in SOMA, San Francisco,  and the greater Bay-Area region.

Community Development 

Protect the numerous cultural assets spread thru-out the area and prevent the displacement of Filipino residents while improving the living conditions of the community.

Economic Opportunity

Develop initiatives for the Filipino community to participate in the wealth creation of the Bay Area. SoMa Pilipinas embodies the struggles and triumphs for equity and justice for Filipinos in their new homeland.


Future of the Filipino Cultural District

This is an exciting time for the Filipino community 

SOMA Pilipinas was a dream of a community that has fought racism in the early 1900's and displacement since the 1970's. Our fore-fathers came from humble beginnings working as farmer laborers facing extreme incidents of prejudice.

As time past, some began families and more Filipinos in 1960's immigrated to San Francisco that were middle class, educated, and professionals. They too start families and spread-out all over the Bay Area and their children (the Pinoy 2.0's) are now part of the fabric of American society . We occupy positions in government, we innovate in technology, we influence the arts, and most importantly we are your your neighbors, your co-workers, teachers, friends, lovers (or ex), social justice advocates, DJ's, artists, intellectuals, business partners, and we are excited to take this leap forward. 

Next Steps

The legislation created a working group tasked with the responsibility to devise strategies in conjunction with the community stakeholders and city agencies to build out a master plan to develop the cultural district. A progress report was submitted to the Board of Supervisors in December of 2016.

We will be hosting a series of events to survey the community and brain-storm plans and strategies in the areas of technology, urban design, land use, and workforce development thru out the year that will culminate into a final master plan.

In August 18, 2017 we will be launching our newest initiative to build public awareness and economic activity with a monthly night market: UNDISCOVRED SF: A Creative Night Market.

Get involved

SOMA Pilipinas is a once and a lifetime opportunity to leaving a lasting legacy and to signal what it is to be Filipino-American. 


Upcoming Events